Peoria Oldtimers Racing Club

Founded By Scott Shults on March 21 - 1981

         Past Peoria Oldtimers Racing Club Annual Oldtimers Reunions

           Check Out These Beautiful Coupes from the Past

                 at Peoria Oldtimers Racing Club Reunion

         Here's Just some of the Oldtimers that have been

        with us over the years on Oldtimers Reunion Day !!!

Peoria Speedway 1/4 Mile High-Bank Dirt Oval / One Dollar General Admission / Ten Dollar pit Pass / Awards to Winners / Open Competition 1925-70 Vintage Stock Cars / No Tire Rule / Everyone Welcome / No Club Fee

         Here's, a Friend from Tipton, Iowa, Ed Daufeldt whom recently Passed,

     Ed & his brother Bud were Good Friends of the Peoria Oldtimers Racing Club and were regulars on Oldtimers Day.

Donna Shannon #32 - 1998 Illinois State Champion - Powder Puff Division with her 32' Ford Sedan along with fellow Drivers Amy Thaller - Jami Winchell - Donna Shannon - Nita Smith

Also "King of the Hill" / Powder Puff / Mechanics & Grudge Racing - No Regular Saturday Night Registered Drivers May Compete in Powder Puff or Mechanics Racing !!!


The Late Chuck ( Tubby ) Taylor & Billy Tuckwell after a Grudge Race in the Modified Division, We will never Forget Tubby !!!

Heres's a Great Picture of Our Welcome Comittee on Oldtimers Day including former Pit Stewards, the Late Dale Hougham & Sam & LaDonna Rogers  ......

Below is the Late Don Gray /Builder with Don Bitner the Original Driver from 1963 at the old Peoria Speedway (Mt. Hawley) and Owner Scott Shults

 We lost our Great Friend Don Gray after the '2002 'Racing Season Ended, though He will never be Forgotten at Peoria Speedway and will always be Remembered on Oldtimers Day. Don was Inducted into the "Hall of Fame" in '2000' Don Bitner led the 1962 Illinois State Championship Race at Mt. Hawley Speedway for 97 Laps, then was taken out by the car running in Second Place. Don is one of the Top 25 Drivers of The First 25 Years of the Peoria Speedway !!!

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The Top 25 Stock Car Drivers from the First 25 Years at Peoria Speedway - 1950 to 1974 .....

Driver #1 Don Bohlander

Driver #2 Lloyd Caldwell

Driver #3 Les "Tiger" Snow

Driver #4 Herb Shannon

Driver #5 Jim Strube

Driver #6 Jerry Roedell

Driver #7 Les Peterson

Driver #8 Fred Strube

Driver #9 Jim Gerber

Driver #10 Johnny Langford

Driver #11 Johnny Beauchamp

Driver #12 Ray Guss Sr.

Driver #13 Rocky Nohl

Driver #14 Don Dane

Driver #15 Jim Baker

Driver #16 George Messer

Driver #17 Veral Boken

Driver #18 Don Bitner

Driver #19 Jim Landers

Driver #20 Al Terrell

Driver #21 Ronnie Weedon

Driver #22 Steve Lance Sr.

Driver #23 Ernie Schaefer

Driver #24 Dick Manuell

Driver #25 Bud Knaebel


2011 PORC Hall of Fame "Inductees"